Beetle Champions League EN

How to sign up:

Sign ups for qualifying races are open until the day of the event, this means: 11th, 12th, 18th and 19th April.
Time 14:00 pm PDT. 2h before the race starts sign ups will be closed.
To sign up you can just send an ingame mail to any content creator collaborating with us or to ourselves: Bronky.6714 or Cristiancr.2104 (For example: patata.1234. + “Sign me up for the BCL!”)

:first_place:1º / Tony The Man.1379 – 27 points

:second_place: 2º/ MendingInc.3465 -26 points

:third_place: 3º/ Tirilka.6521 -25 points

4º/ TheRisingBlade.8602 -23 points
5º/ revy.9824 -18 points
5º/ Meaty Haunches.2107 -18 points
6º/ AzuraSarah.2086 -17 points
6º/ carbuilder.7032 -17 points

7º/ didi.9382 -16 points ; 8º/ Spanex.1950 -14 points ; 9º/ Dodom.1760 -12 points ; 10º/ Ronin.4501 -9 points ; 11º/ Girbilcannan.8259 -8 points ; 11º/ WillR.2594 -8 points ; 12º/ Haturz.7526 -7 points ; 12º/ Asderet.4590 -7 points ; 13º/ Eurantien.4632 -5 points ; 13º/ ShadowVisions.8193 -5 points ; 13º/ Charinal.9074 -5 points ; 14º/ Bringer of the past.8674 -4 points

:first_place: 1º/ Garfreed.5697 – 39 points

:second_place: 2º/ Kattami.2084 -33 points

:third_place: 3º/ TheRisingBlade.8602 -27 points*

4º/ ShadowVisions.8193 -26 points
5º/ revy.9824 -22 points*
6º/ Meaty Haunches.2107 -16 points*
7º/ Astralbien.9461 -15 points
8º/ Resident.7421 -14 points 
9º/ Dodom.1760 -13 points 


* already qualified for the Final Race

10º/ WillR.2594 – 12 points ; 11º/ Haturz.7526 – 9 points ; 12º/ Lt Sid.6850 – 7 points ; 12º/ Ronin.4501 – 7 points ; 13º/ Walrus Man.6798 – 6 points ; 14º/ Zonatailurus.1764 – 5 points ; 14º/ didi.9382 – 5 points ; 15º/ Givi.4527 – 4 points

:first_place: 1º/ Chaossentinel.7093 -45 points.

:second_place: 2º/ Meaty Haunches.2107 -30 points*

:second_place: 2º/Resident.7421 -30 points*

:third_place: 3º/ revy.9824 -29 point*


4º/ didi.9382 -21 points

  5º/ Ronin.4501 -18 points.

6º/ Kitepwr.5604 -17 points.

7º/ Gabriel Lugao.7608 -11 points
8º/Lt Sid.6850 -10 points

* already qualified for the Final Race
9º/ Asderet.4590 -9 points ; 9º/ Zunnidaai.4850 -9 points ; 10º/Nomino.4592 -7 points ; 11º/ Haturz.7526 -6 points ; 12º/ Givi.4527 -5 points ; 13º/ Sparkleparty.6520 -4 points ; 14º/ Bringer of the past.8674 -3 points

:first_place: 1º/ WiLLR.2594 -33 points.

:second_place: 2º/  kitepwr.5604 -32 points.*

:third_place: 3º/ Didi.9382 -24 points *


4º/ Ekelon.7041 -23 points

4º/ Ronin.4501 -23 points*

5º/ Lt Sid.6850 -17 points*

6º/  Gvi.4527 -15 points.

6º/ Zarc.5638 -15 points. 
7º/ DjHRacer.1453 -14 points.
8º/ Zunnidaai.4850 -12 points.

* already qualified for the Final Race
 9º/ Gir.9213 -11 points ; 10º/ Nomino.4592 -10 points ; 11º/ Bringer of the Past.8674 -9 points ; 11º/ Valakivi.5716 -9 points ; 12º/ Recaiden.5620 -6 points ; 13º/ Dawn Rider OC.9643 -4 points

Some of you will be familiar with the Beetle Races, in game mount races across Tyria, which challenge players daily.
You may also be familiar with the Beetle Races that Battle Efficiency has put on in the past, in the Guild Hall, with home made tracks.
The Beetle Champions League, or BCL, looks to combine these two platforms, into a Beetle Race Festival, taking place over several weeks in April. In partnership with several content creators, we will be bringing you Beetle Racing like never before!.

This edition will be on NA servers. If you are from EU you can participate with F2P accounts for example (only qualifying races).

EN Calendar
11- Qualifying race-/ Time 14:00 pm PDT
12- Qualifying race-/ Time 14:00 pm PDT
18- Qualifying race-/ Time 14:00 pm PDT
19-Qualifying race-/ Time 14:00 pm PDT
26-Final Race – / Time 14:00 pm PDT



The BCL is split into two parts:
1 – Tyria Races: These are the qualifying races for the finals, using the in game beetle races created by Arena Net. There will be 4 qualifying races in total. The top 3 winners in each race will win gem prizes, and the top 6 of each will qualify for the finals.
2 – Guild Hall Custom Race: This is the final race, in the Guild Hall, on a custom created track. In order to take part in this race, you need to have qualified in one of the 4 previous Tyria Races. The top 3 places in this race will earn Gems along with Legendary Weapons.



On each of the qualifying race days, 3 of the 5 in game circuits will be used. The 3 used will be picked by the Organizers on the day of the race. There is no limit on how many people can participate in each race, but if you have previously won gem prizing, you may not win it again in another qualifying race.

Scoring works as follows:
In each circuit, 1st place gets 15 points, 2nd place gets 12, 3rd place gets 10, and from there the score drops by 1 point for each place, with last getting only 1 point. After all 3 circuits are completed, the total scores for each racer will be added up, and the top 6 will qualify for the final. If there are any previous qualifiers in the race, who get into the top 6 again, we will increase the number of racers that qualify to make sure we have up to 6 new qualifiers for each race.

1º 1200 Gems

2º 800 Gems

3º 400 Gems



The Final Race is split into two phases. The first phase is the group phase, where we will split up the racers who have previously qualified into 3 groups. The top 2 in each group will go on to participate in the second phase of the final stage.

Below is an example of how the group stage would look using 18 players.

The second and final phase will be between the 6 best racers from the group stage, only 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will win prizing.

In the groups, each racer will be assigned a number, 1-8. Each number corresponds with one of the 8 squad markers. You will be marked with your assigned squad marker so we can keep track of you during the race. We will reassign numbers/squad markers for the final group



The final race will be on a custom track in the Gilded Hollow Guild Hall (GWTC). All racers who have qualified for the final race will be invited to a squad on the day of the race to get into the Guild Hall.
Each race of the final is 1 laps in downhill, with there being 4 races in total, one for each group from the group stage, and one for the final group. You can join the Guild to practice on the race track if you wish.



1. The beetle mount is the only mount that you are allowed to use in any of the races, so you must have it unlocked on your account to participate.
2. Only the top 6 from each of the Tyria Races will qualify for the Final Race. Only the top 3 from each race will win prizing. If you did not previously win prizing, you may win it from another Tyria Race, even if you have already qualified for the Final Race. In the event that anyone qualifies more than once, we will increase the number of racers that can qualify for that race, to reach a maximum of 6 new qualified racers.
3. During the Final Race, if you accidentally leave/fall off the course, you may get back onto the track and resume from where you fell off. There will be judges all around the race track to make sure everything goes smoothly.
4. If you leave and do not return, you will be considered out of the race.
5. Punctuality is extremely important, you must show up on time or be disqualified.
6. No disrespect or toxicity will be tolerated, you may be disqualified from the races or the tournament in the case of any such actions.
7. You may not use alt accounts to win multiple races, if you are discovered doing so, you will be disqualified from the tournament, and future tournaments as well. You must be registered to be counted as participating in the races. Your account must also be on NA to participate.
8. The organization reserves the right to disqualify anyone who does not follow the rules during the competition. Rules are subject to change as needed.


Contact: Bronky.6714

*Is necessary to have the last mastery of the bunny.



1º - 1600 Gems + Twilight

2º - 1200 Gems + Bolt

3º - 800 Gems + Incinerator

Guild MM Trading Company [TP]
Grey Wolf Trading Company [GWTC]