Beetle Champions League EN

How to sign up:

Sign ups for qualifying races are open until the day of the event, this means: 5th, 6th, 12th and 13th october. Five minutes before the race starts sign ups will be closed.
To sign up you can just send an ingame mail to any content creator collaborating with us or to ourselves: Bronky.6714 or Cristiancr.2104 (For example: patata.1234. + “Sign me up for the BCL!”)

Some of you will know the “Beetle Races” the most famous mount races in Tyria, which have created countless challenges for entertainment to date.

In order to unite our community and offer you, all kind of activities to promote playability in Guild Wars 2, we want to announce the following BCL “Beetle Champions League” in festival formant, thanks to the union of several partners and different content creators.

What is the BCL? It’s a competition created for you, where each player, with the help of his fastest mount and his ability in the circuit, runs against other players where speed and control is the key to winning in these races.


In this edition, you can enjoy for day playing with us, watching streams, raffles, videos, etc. All this during the festival.

EN Calendar
5- Roy – Qualifying race-/ Time 8:00pm CEST
6- Keyba – Qualifying race-/ Time 8:00pm CEST
12- Roy – Qualifying race-/ Time 8:00pm CEST
13– Keyba – Qualifying race-/ Time 8:00pm CEST
19- Roy – Final Race – / Time 8:00pm CEST



The event will be split in:

1 – Tyria races: we will use the routes created by Arenanet and spread all over Tyria, the winners in these races will earn gem prizes.

2 – Guild hall custom races: we will use the circuits created by Battle Efficiency, the prizes will be bigger but you shall get qualified (explained below).




This time, besides the races we have been organizing during the last year which took place in guild hall, we will organize races using RBR maps created by Anet (check the maps below!).

In addition to the gem prizes, each tyrian race will be a qualifying race, and depending on the place you reach you will earn an ammount of points which will lead you to be able to compete for the final race, where legendary prizes are waiting for you!

Each ranked raced takes places in 3 different circuits at 3 laps each chosen by the streamer organizer of the day. There is no limit of runners and they will give you a score depending on the position in which you arrive. If after all three races you have more points than the rest, you will be the winner (regardless of whether you came first or not).


The score works as follows: the first place will get 15 points, the second 12, the third 10 and from there, one less point to the last one (which receives only 1). The first 6 in the final score will qualify to run in the final race of the last day

1º 1200 Gems + Aurene Outfit

2º 800 Gems

3º 400 Gems




To understand the dynamics, we will set an example that we are 18 people. The competition is structured in two faces:

The first rounds phase, which runners face in 6-in-6 races and the best two of each pass to the next round. (The number of runners may vary depending on the number of people targeted)

Which brings us to the final phase, when there are the best 6 of the three previous groups. Theses will compete in the final race for first, second and third place-

We will have a distribution of numbers (colors) im which it will be the way to identify each competitor. When we close inscription we will proceed to the ranomize of the pairings as of the dorsals, so that before starting the tournament we will be able to know in which group it touches us, against whom and which dorsal it touches us.

On the other hand, once the final phase has been reached, the numbers will be drawn again for this final round.



The tournament will be held in a guild hall in the Lost Precipice, whose access will be granted before the competition through an invitation to a squad.

The race will have 3 laps between rounds including the final.

Once registered for the tournament, an invitation will be sent to join the Guild (if there is space available) to access the circuit so that players practice everything they want before the race.

In the following image we will leave the map where you can see the circuit from a satellite perspective.



1. The beetle mount is the only one allowed, therefore it is necessary to have it to participate.


2. For the qualifying races, the 6 first placed racers will be qualified for the final race. The 4th 5th and 6th will be able to take part in the next races to try and get a gem reward. given the case he gets placed 1st to 6th again, this place for the final race will be given to the next racer. Every racer who has earned a gem prize (1st to 3rd) wont be allowed to participate again.


3. In case of exit of the circuit it can be resumed returning from the point where this exit has arisen (we will have judges throughout the circuit to control this type of things and that everything flows correctly)


4.In case of departure and no return it will be considered as abandonment and therefore out of the race.


5.Once the drawing of numbers has been made, it will be necessary to change the color of our fram to the one awarded.


6. Punctuality is a key factor for the competition to develop according to what is planned and therefore the runners will be required to be prepared fo the race.


7. Disrespect or other toxicity actions will not be tolerated. If there exist any kind of disrespectful behavior, the runner with this behavior will be expelled from the competition.


8. If a runner does not show up within 10 minutes after the set time of the race, it will be automatically eliminated.


9. If the use of alts accounts or the participation of unregistered persons is discovered, the broker will be penalized and may not participate in future competitions of this branch.


10. the organization reserves the right to disqualify those who don’t comply with the regulations herein, which could be modified.


Contact: Bronky.6714

*Is necessary to have the last mastery of the bunny.



1º - 1600 Gems + Twilight

2º - 1200 Gems + Bolt

3º - 800 Gems + Incinerator

Guild MM Trading Company [TP]
Grey Wolf Trading Company [GWTC]