Beetle Champions League EN

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There’s no current B.C.L. edition going on.

To enroll you need to send an in-game mail to Bronky.6714 or Wayne.3902  (For example: patata.1234. + “I want to join BCL)

Beetle Racing League

Logo By: Serrivel

Welcome to one of our most ambitious projects, the BCL“Beetle Champions League”, get on your mount and race on crazy circuits designed by Xeti and Trasgo, without whom, nothing of this would have been possible.

¿What’s the “BCL”? welcome to the new way of competition for Guild Wars 2, get on your Roller Beetle and prove you are the fastest to gain up to 2000 gems! Only your racing skills and your ability not to lose control nor speed will be the key of success.

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First Phase:

During the first phase riders will be randomly divided in groups with up to six members. Once the groups are ready, they will compete to get the first places so they can earn a spot on the second phase.

Second Phase:

Once the qualifier races are over, during the second phase the winners will face each other and fight for the First, Second and Third spot, which will be gem rewarded.

The colours will be assigned by the Staff once the inscriptions are closed and the groups will be set randomly. The group and colour assigned will be notified by the staff.

The colours will be reassigned for the final race.


The tournament will be hosted at guild halls; whose access will be given by guild/squad invite (more info below at Rules).

Races will end after Three Laps, except for the final race, which will end after Five Laps.


· 1 Roller Beetle is the only allowed mount, so it’s required to enroll.

· 2 In case you leave the road, you will need to rejoin it at the same spot you left it (judges will be distributed to avoid mistakes)

· 3 In case you leave the road and don’t rejoin you will be kicked.

· 4 You will need to dye your mount with the colour you have been assigned.

· 5 You will be given 45 minutos before the race to practice.

· 6 Punctuality is a key factor to let the competition work as expected, so unpuntuality will mean being disqualified.

· 7 Disrespect or toxicity will not be tolerated, and will mean being eliminated.

· 8 A rider who’s not ready after a maximum of ten minutes within the event start, will be eliminated.

· 9 Use of second accounts, or any kind of cheat will be punished with disqualification for this and future events.

· 10 The organization reserves the right to disqualify those who do not comply with the rules, which could be altered.

Contact us in-game: Bronky.6714 / Wayne.3902


1º - 2000 Gems

2º - 800 Gems

cofrecito de gemas 8

3º - 400 Gems