Beetle Champions League EN

After 2 years of intense and exciting races that we have built, organized and lived together with this wonderfully dedicated community of Beetle Races … we believe that with all the experience that we have acquired together with you, it is time to venture out, to be more demanding with ourselves and to delve deeper into this project that began as a dream, seeking to fulfil one of our main goals.


“World Beetle Champions League” a competitive tournament with great prizes, where the objective is to find and bring together the best riders from each region to test their skills and decide who is the fastest in the world! 


Opponents, friends, crazy circuits, events, contests … with all kinds of content, so that any player can participate, have fun and live this experience.


* This edition will be on servers in the EU and NA respectively according to the region as the finals.




This World Cup will be divided between the regional races of NA and EU and the World Cup, being as follows:


1 – Qualifying races in Tyria: the circuits created by Arenanet will be used in the different maps of Tyria, the winner of these races will receive a prize in gems.

2 – Final Race Regional: Custom Races in Guild Hall, BE circuits are used, the prizes will be higher and it will be necessary to qualify (explained in detail below).



Past the regions, this is where the best riders from each region will compete together on various custom guildhall circuits. So to proclaim themselves the best in the world.




We will start the World Cup with 2 qualifying rounds in the races implemented by Arenanet in Tyria.

Each qualifying race takes place in 3 different circuits with 3 laps, each chosen by the streamer who organizes it that day. 

There is no limit of runners and they will give you a score depending on the position in which you finish each race. If after the three races you have a higher score than the rest, you will be the winner (regardless of whether you finished first or not).

The score is as follows:

The first 15 points.

The second 12 points.

The third 10 points.

From there 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

The first 10 of the final score will be classified to run in the final race on the last day.

1º 1200 Gems

2º 400 Gems

3º 100 g.

In addition to the prizes in gems, depending on your positioning you will earn some points, which will serve to qualify you in the Regional final race, where you can win great prizes like Legendary weapons!



The Final Race is split into two phases. The first phase is the group phase, where we will split up the racers who have previously qualified into 3 groups. The top 2 in each group will go on to participate in the second phase of the final stage.

Below is an example of how the group stage would look using 18 players.

The second and final phase will be between the 6 best racers from the group stage, only 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will win prizing.

In the groups, each racer will be assigned a number, 1-8. Each number corresponds with one of the 8 squad markers. You will be marked with your assigned squad marker so we can keep track of you during the race. We will reassign numbers/squad markers for the final group



The final race will be on a custom circuit in the Gilded Hollow Guild Hall in the EU case and Windswept Haven in the NA case. All riders who have qualified for the final race will be invited to a squad on race day to enter the Guild Hall.

Each final race is a downhill lap (EU) and 3 laps on a closed circuit (NA), with four races in total, one for each group in the group’s phase and one for the final group. You can join the Guild to practice on the track if you wish.

1º Sunrise

2º The Juggernaut

3º The Flameseeker Prophecies



If you’ve arrived at this stage, you are one of the 6 best riders in your region and one of the 12 best in the world. 

At this point, we can only find out who is the best beetle rider in the world. To do this, they will compete in 6 highly competitive Guild Hall custom circuits:

  • EQE (surfwave, 3 laps)
  • Demon Strike [RACE] (1 lap)
  • The Avaricious Maraca [GWTC] (1 lap)
  • Rise of Hell [HUR] (2 laps)
  • Joko´s Descent [LRS] by Sergent  (1 lap)
  • Hell´s Shadows by Hades (1 lap)

We will use the points system in Tyria races of the qualifying phase.  So that participants compete together fighting for pole.



1. The beetle mount is the only mount that you are allowed to use in any of the races, so you must have it unlocked on your account to participate.
2. Only the top 10 from each of the Tyria Races will qualify for the Final Race. Only the top 3 from each race will win prizing. If you did not previously win prizing, you may win it from another Tyria Race, even if you have already qualified for the Final Race. In the event that anyone qualifies more than once, we will increase the number of racers that can qualify for that race, to reach a maximum of 6 new qualified racers.
3. During the Final Race, if you accidentally leave/fall off the course, you may get back onto the track and resume from where you fell off. There will be judges all around the race track to make sure everything goes smoothly.
4. If you leave and do not return, you will be considered out of the race.
5. Punctuality is extremely important, you must show up on time or be disqualified.
6. No disrespect or toxicity will be tolerated, you may be disqualified from the races or the tournament in the case of any such actions.
7. You may not use alt accounts to win multiple races, if you are discovered doing so, you will be disqualified from the tournament, and future tournaments as well. You must be registered to be counted as participating in the races. 

8. The organization reserves the right to disqualify anyone who does not follow the rules during the competition. Rules are subject to change as needed.

9. Each player can only participate in one region. Not both at the same time.


Contact: Bronky.6714

*Is necessary to have the last mastery of the bunny.



1º -Festive Confetti Infusion

2º - Queen Bee Infusion

3º - Frost Legion Infusion

Guild MM 

How to sign up:


To sign up you can just send an ingame mail to : Bronky.6714 or Cristiancr.2104 (For example: patata.1234. + "Sign me up for the BCL!" +NA)

This World Beetle Race will be:

– February 20 and 28, NA qualifiers -> 14:00 pm PDT
– February 21 and 27, EU qualifiers -> 19:00 pm CET

– March 6, EU Regional Final -> 19:00 pm CET
– March 13, NA Regional Final -> 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time (UTC-8)

– March 20, World Cup Final -> 20:00 pm CET / 12:00 p.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7)

 2h before the race starts sign ups will be closed.


IMPORTANT: “Please note that if you manage to proceed to the last phase of the World Final, you will be requested to temporarily transfer between the EU and NA regions. The transfer fee of both leaving and returning to your home region will be taken care of for you, but you can potentially lose your home world if it is full! There will also be a week-long cooldown before you will be able to transfer back to your home region.



If you do not wish to leave your home world, you may choose not to. You can still participate in the Regional Qualifiers and the Regional Finals and win prizes, but in the event that you finish in the top 6, your position for the World Final shall be passed down to the next racer.”

Beetle Races Worlds Cup -Prize Pool-
:small_blue_diamond: Guild MM —–> :Ambrite_Fossilized_Bee: Queen Bee + :Frost_Legion_Infusion: Frost Legion + 8.000 :Gold_coin:
:small_blue_diamond: Zanar —–> :Festive_Confetti_Infusion: Confetti
:small_blue_diamond: Casiano —–> 8.000 :Gold_coin:
:small_blue_diamond: Battle Efficiency —–> :Sunrise: Legendary Sunrise + :The_Flameseeker_Prophecies: Flameseeker prophecies + 1000 :Gold_coin: +         1600 :GemBig:
:small_blue_diamond: Garfried —–> :The_Juggernaut: The Juggernaut + :The_Flameseeker_Prophecies: Flameseeker prophecies + 1000 :Gold_coin:
:small_blue_diamond: Vortus —–> :Sunrise: Legendary Sunrise + :The_Juggernaut: The Juggernaut
:small_blue_diamond: ArenaNet —–> 4.800 :GemBig:
:small_blue_diamond: Le Bus Magique —–> 250 :Mystic_Coin:

 1º pleebus.1470 -39 points.
 2º Omp.2501 -32 points.
 3º Chaossentinel.7093-25 points.
4º Resident.6295 -20 points.
5º TheRisingBlade.8602 -17 points.
6º Meaty Haunches.2107 -12 points.
7º solecanard.4209-10 points.
8º expandas.7051 -9 points.
9º mdpeacor.6509 -8 points.
10º Torin.9325 -7 points.
11º smashed.8536-6 points.
12º Rockhound.3509-5 points.
13º flamingzombieninjas.9457-3 points.
14º Trippletz.1963 -2 points.
15º AniDanny.7309 -1points.
15º DashRaw.1968 -1 points.
15º Vistalgia.1976-1 points.

1º Reaper.3871- 32 points.
2º Culinax.1473 -27 points.
3º Andur.9275 -22 points
4º Garfried.7295 -21 points.
5º Mali.2736 -20 points.
6º chordeva.8960 -18 points.
7º Hades.8419 -10 points.
8º Dhum.3047 -9 points.
9º DasBannane.6720 -8 points.
10º Twitch Xeiixeii.6748 -7 points.

11º blueshift.8642 -6 points.
12º Vertigo Inc.1675 -5 points.
13º killer.8974 -4 points.
14º Challenger UK.3615 -3 points.
15º Fussel Hirn.7568-2 points.
15º SergentLRS.7023 -2 points.

1º Chordeva.8960 -35 points. * (classified in the previous)
2º DasBannane.6720 -22points. * (classified in the previous)
3º Vertigo Inc.1675 -19 points.
4º ZodiaK.3516 -17 points.
4º Twitch Xeiixeii.6748 -17 points. * (classified in the previous)
5º Hades.8419 -16 points. * (classified in the previous)
6º Lamich.7598 -15
7º Mali.2736 -14 points. * (classified in the previous)
8º Madz.8346 -12 points.
9º reirakiyo.3591 – 10 points.
10º SergentLRS.7023 -6 points.
10º Blueshift.8642 -6 points.

11º Challenger UK.3615 -4 points. (new classified)
11º ShadowD.1204 -4 points. (new classified)
12º killer.8974 -1 points. (new classified)
przemytnik.6857 -1 points (new classified)

*Remember: In the event that anyone qualifies more than once, we will increase the number of racers that can qualify for that race, to reach a maximum of 10 new qualified racers.

1º Aaron.7213 -45 points.
2º TheRisingBlade.8602 -28 points.  (classified in the previous)*
3º Solecanard.4209 – 24 points. (classified in the previous)*
4º Blooney.1428 -22 points.
4º Resident.7421 -22 points. (classified in the previous)*
5º Raj.8079 -15 points.
6º Tirilka.6521 -9 points.
7º Chavy Jav.4635 -8 points.
8º Tristiah. 7968 – 7 points.
9º Ronin.4501 – 6 points.
10º DashRaw.1968 -4 points.
10º PeterD.9621 -4 points.
11º Vistalgia.1976 -3 points. (new classified)*
12º Raxmiga.4560 -1 points.

*Remember: In the event that anyone qualifies more than once, we will increase the number of racers that can qualify for that race, to reach a maximum of 10 new qualified racers.**