Stomp Arena Deluxe EN

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There’s no current Stomp Arena edition going on.

To enroll you need to send an in-game mail to Bronky.6714 or Wayne.3902  (For example: patata.1234. + “I want to join Coliseum”)

Stomp Arena

Welcome to our 2vs2 european tournament – Stomp Arena Deluxe, where our goal is to provide entertainment for the Guild Wars 2 community, this time in a 2vs2 format, a classic (and recently supported by arenanet) discipline, where teamwork and skill will be key.

This tournament which will be casted both in English and Spanish, wouldn’t be possible without the collaboration of the European community, specially Roy.

The event will be casted both in our Twitch Channel and Roy’s Channel.


Tournament will be in two stages:

On the first stage, teams will be randomly divided in groups, where they will have to fight each other in order to qualify for the final stage.

Final stage will be a direct elimination bracket where teams will fight to reach the first places, and some of our prizes.

· Eight teams will be needed to start the tournament.

· Teams will be composed by 2 players and a maximum of 1 substitute.


The tournament will be hosted at custom arenas, whose password will be given before the event starts. The matches will be played at “Eternal Coliseum” map, at the middle cap.

  • Map Limit: Marked Area
  • Time Limit: 10 minutes
  • Banned Amulets: Combination of amulets that exceed 2000 of defensive stats between both players.

    (Defensive Stats = Healing Power, toughness, vitality and concentration)


· 1 No repeated clases per team.

· 2 “Signet of Humility” and “Battle Standard” are banned.

· 3 Players who intentionally leave the marked area will be disqualified.

· 4 Punctuality is a key factor to let the competition work as expected. Being late might mean being disqualified.

· 5 A team who shows more than five minutes late to his fight will be disqualified.

· 6 Punctuality is a key factor to let the competition work as expected, so unpuntuality will mean being disqualified.

· 7 Disrespect or toxicity will not be tolerated, and will mean being disqualified.

· 8 Use of second accounts, or any kind of cheat will be punished with disqualification for this and future events..

· 9 The organization reserves the right to disqualify those who do not comply with the rules, which could be altered.

Contact us in-game: Bronky.6714 / Wayne.3902


1º - 2000 Gems

2º - 800 Gems

cofrecito de gemas 8

3º - 400 Gems

Other Prizes:

Every player winning at least 1 round will get a minillama.