Battle Of The Mists

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There’s no current Battle Of The Mists edition going on.

To enroll you need to send an in-game mail to Bronky.6714 or Wayne.3902  (For example: patata.1234. + “I want to join Coliseum”)

Battle Of The Mists

Welcome to our European GvG Tournament. Fight along your guild mates on the battlefields of The Mists… The Obsidian Sanctum and the Edge of the Mists will host this tournament, where they will try to get some of the prizes, more than 24k gems in prizes.

This event which is a collaboration with some other friends will be streamed and shoutcasted at and

Video By: iSkal72

This week's matches:


  • LAYS vs BuD 21:00
  • Woah vs iNc 21:30
  • Fp vs ToP 21:30
  • RGB vs SEL 22:00
  • Sen vs tS 20:30
  • Fp vs Woah 21:15
  • RGB vs BuD 22:00


  • ToP vs iNc 21:30


  •  tF vs DR (Moved to Monday)
  • Aeon vs iNF 21:00
  • iY vs Sen 21:30
  • tS vs GL 21:30
  • iY vs GL 20:45
  • iNF vs sF 21:00
  • Aeon vs tF 21:30
  • LAST vs SEL 22:00


The tournament will be divided in two stages:

First Stage: Once the sign-up is closed, guilds will be distributed in groups. To avoid Guild Hall during this stage groups will be created the next way:

  • If the server/s with the biggest amount of guilds has 4 or less guilds, there will only be 4 groups, and two guilds of each group will qualify for the final stage.
  • If the server/s with the biggest amount of guilds has 5 or more guilds, there will be 8 groups, and only one guild per group will qualify for the final stage.

Every guild from the server/s with the biggest amount of guilds will be randomly distributed in those groups, and so will the rest of guilds, there shall never be 2 guilds from the same server at the same group.

The guild or guilds with the biggest amount of points (u can check how points system will work below) shall be considered the best of their group, and qualifyed for the final stage. In case of two or more guilds having the same amount of points, there will be a tiebreaker match.

Every match will be a Bo9. (Even if in the image below you can see something else)

Final Stage: The best two teams from every group will qualify for the final stage. The teams will be distributed as disposed in the image below.

  • Quarter finals shall not face two teams from the same server, in case they were supposed to, and only in this case, the brackets might be edited by the organization.
  • Quarter finals shall never face two 1st placed teams nor two 2nd placed teams. If brackets needed to be changed, this might never be an option.

Every fight in this stage will be a bo9, and direct elimination. The semifinal losers will fight each other for the 3rd place.


The tournament will be exclusively hosted at World versus World, concretely:

  • Obsidian Sanctum Arena.
  • Edge of the Mists middle spot.
  • Edge of the Mists Arena.


  • Every GvG will be bo9 (first guild winning 5 rounds)
  • Disrespect or toxicity will not be tolerated, and will mean being disqualified.
  • Punctuality is a key factor to let the competition work as expected. A team who shows more than ten minutes late to his fight might be disqualified.
  • EotM being as large as it is we will set a certain starting spots for Guilds doing GvGs there. It won’t be too close to each other but also not too far from each other. Approx: OS distance (3600 range)
  • You may not have more than 4 of one spec in at any time, e.g. you cannot have 5 firebrands, or 5 scourges.
  • Exception is with:
      · Scrapper – you may not play more than 3 Scrappers.
      · Spellbreaker – you may not play more than 3 Spellbreakers.
      · Berserker – you may not play more than 2 Berserkers. 
      · Warrior –  you shall never exceed 4 warriors in total.
  • You may not pre-buff (apply boons/stealth/venoms/effects etc) besides swiftness, until 5 seconds before round starts. So if the timer is 4:30, at 4:35 you may start empowering, blasting stealth, etc.
  • If anyone advances towards the opposing team before timer however, the round will be restarted. (If this happens more than two times in a row, team might lose this round; if this happens repeatedly, the team will be disqualified)
  • In the event of a player disconnect mid round, the round may be restarted IF the round has not been going on longer than 1 minute, and there are not more than 2 dead players already on the team with the disconnect. This could be only made once per GvG.
  • In case of spectators adding round might be restarted if:
    A) Guild leader communicates it to an admin – this means a guild leader can stop a round to ask a judge for a restart
    B) After the round is over, the admin could decide to restart this if he thinks an external factor altered the results.
    Keep in mind that it’s admin who decides wether to restart it or not, so make sure you want to stop a round before you do, because this could make you lose that round. Ask your guildies to try and kill pugs attacking your players to prevent it.
  • If a person that has been playing in a round gets ressed from dead to alive while the round is still going and adds that guild will be disqualified.
  • For every rule involving a round restart: this shall be communicated to a judge/enemy leader before the round is over, otherwise it won’t be restarted.
  • Banned Skills: Basilisk Venom shall not be played – ONLY APPLIES FOR EOTM ARENA.
  • If other guilds are doing offical GvG in EotM or OS and you want to scrim there – please be honorable enough and let them finish before you start or move to other spot.
  • This is a 15v15 tournament, if a guild can’t bring 15 players, they won’t be allowed to play
  • Date and time of your GvG will be updated every friday around reset by an admin.
  • The use of macros or any kind of cheat, given the case it was demonstrated a player has used them.
  • Mesmer’s trait “Lost Time” has been banned due to a bug. If a guild can proof enemy guild has played this trait (full screen capture – so we can see it’s from that day/hour) the guild playing it will be disqualified.

· The organization reserves the right to disqualify those who do not comply with the rules, which could be altered.

Contact us in-game: Bronky.6714 / Wayne.3902


1º - 1200 Gems x 15

2º - 400 Gems x 15

3º 100g x 15